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Ok, I felt the need to blog today... So let's get to it.

1. I'm currently working on a project that I will announce in another week or so. This will be on a completely separate blog, maybe even on a different blog provider... Not sure yet. But stay tuned.

2. I am 6 months in on my job search, and I'm thinking that I just wasn't looking hard enough. But after speaking to several of my classmates, I realize this job market just really sucks... I'm still searching, though, and I have a phone interview on the 26th... YAY!

3. I am 6 weeks into a Couch-to-5K program. Its kicking my butt, but I am sticking with it. My sweetie and I registered for a 5K on April 30th! Wish us luck! I can honestly say that being healthy is a lot easier when you have someone working with you. I truly appreciate my sweetie pie!

4. I recently went on a Vipassana Retreat. 10 days of silence, in a remote area with full accommodation. I suggest everyone try it. If you don't leave changed... Well, I don't see how anyone could leave unchanged. Try it! Visit dhamma.org. Another reason to appreciate my sweetie, she cared for my teenager the entire time I was gone! Love Love Love!

5. I want to ride my bike more, and maybe even do a triathlon! Ok, maybe not TOO soon on the tri, but I'm  definitely more into bicycling, especially for commuting, and am learning more about road safety and raising awareness... If you know of good sites, let me know! An awesome magazine I've been enjoying is Bicycle Time Magazine. It is an excellent magazine for the cycling spectrum, from the person on the cruiser, to the serious bike commuter. As our gas goes up, and we are considering alternative energy, how about our own energy? Hop on a bike! I hope that when I find a job I can commute using my bike and MARTA. I don't own a car, and don't really want to be bullied into owning one...

6. What you've really been waiting for... PICTURES! Here are some things I've made since December!
 This is a scarf I made for a friend who just finished her PhD! Its the same as the one in December for my sweetie, but I used Vanna White's Yarn, from Michael's. 

It came out much thicker, but did not lose the detail. 

This is Gisele... I bought her on Amazon, but she wasn't looking much like anything, even after I gave her eyes, lol. So, I gave her a makeover!
This is Gisele after her makeover. It's amazing what a little acrylic paint can do for a girl, LOL!
She has major attitude now!

This is Gisele rocking the scarf I made for my PhD recipient pal! I even made a little crocheted chrysanthemum to go with! (on the right) 
This is another hat I was in the process of making. I have since finished, but I can't find the pics! (Ack!)

Ok, so after that short pic update-fest, I'm gonna go look for other pics. I made a ton of other things, and I need to show you! Stay tuned or you can take a look at my tumblr page for all the other stuff... 

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TheSpamHere said...
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Ero San said...

I'm a c25k graduate! I know the last couple of weeks can seem hard, but stick to it. Not only you can do it, but you'll feel great once you accomplish the goal!

Keep it up!

@tishushu said...

Thanks Ero San, I really appreciate your words!:) Good Luck to you!