Et tu, Etsy?

So I am having NO success in my Etsy store, bluknotsoriginals. NONE. ZERO. ZIP.

I even posted a giveaway... NONE. ZERO. ZIP.

I saw this article on the web after googling "how to be successful on Etsy" out of desperation...

Is Etsy Dying?

The author tells of how Etsy seems like the perfect place for an independent artist, but isn't for everyone...

And guess who he was talking about? Me. I have been on Etsy since mid-January and haven't had one sale. Not one.

I joined Teams and participated in store sharing, bulk faving, etc., I added a Facebook Page JUST for my business, and I share and link images and sale information on the regular.

What's wrong?

The answer to that is: I kinda don't care.

I have always had better luck selling my crocheted items by word of mouth, usually on demand, meaning custom items, and I've been fine. So, I may just do that, too, meaning I will go back to selling my items MY way as well as on Etsy.

I just thought that since I was an Etsy frequenter that I would have as much success as those I see on Etsy all of the time. But, like my friend Natalie said, Etsy is SATURATED. There are so many people selling crocheted items on there that its just not even fun. And there is always the chance that someone will see something you make and turn around and make it themselves, and probably have better success, which is a serious risk in the commerce world.

So, I'm gonna get me some money, go down to DeKalb County Offices, and apply for a business license. Its Spring, and folks still like wearing original stuff. YAY!

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PS I'm no fool. If you wanna get a bluknotsoriginal, go here... The FREE gift with purchase lasts until March 31, 2012.

PPS For my friend Natalie's store, go here...

PPPS Thanks. :)


bluknots originals is OPEN!!!!

Just wanted to let you all know bluknots originals is now open for business on Etsy!

Right now, there is just one thing available because my pictures aren't cooperating with me. I'm getting it together. If you aren't already an Etsy customer, I recommend signing up because 1. its free and 2. I'm on there as well as hundreds of other handmade lovers and crafters!

If you want a custom item, scroll down on the left hand side and click Request Custom Item. I will get in touch with you ASAP and make you something wonderful!

Click here to see my shop!

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Tishana ( my government name, lol)


Get your orders in NOW to make it before the holidays! :)

Hello, fine peeps of cyber and real space… 

I just want to let you know that I still have pre-made hats and accessories available here. If you want to purchase some, and order by Dec 20th, You can have you items in your hand before Dec 25th! Custom orders must be ordered by Dec 17th to make it by Dec 25th.

As I said before, I’m not going to make it to India this year, but I will next year. Not that this should stop you from buying a BluKnots Original Creation!


Pre-made Orders must be ordered by Dec 20th.


Custom Orders must be ordered by Dec 17th.



BluKnots Originals

An India Update...

So, Friends... 

I need to let you know that I will NOT be able to go to India this year... I am really sad about this, but your efforts are not in vain. I appreciate everyone buying hats and accessories. I've decided to open an Etsy store! This page will still exist, but the name will change to "BluKnots Originals" after the holidays. 

I am still willing to make custom hats and accessories, so you keep buying and I'll keep making!

Thanks to all of You!



Help Me Get To India, Friends!

Hello All, I am trying to get to India by Dec 14... Unfortunately, I don't have all of the money. I need to raise $500 more... Won't you help me?

I'm making custom crocheted hats and selling readymade items on my Facebook Page. All custom crocheted beanies are $20. You can pick up to two colors. And you can have stripes, a flower, or both!

I can also make matching armwarmers for an extra $10.

Here are some items I've already sold or are for sale:

Help me get there! If you like something, email me at bluknots@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!


New Project List!

Soooooooo, I have a list of new projects... All need to be completed by September 30, my own deadline...

The first is a hat. A slouch hat, very similar to the red hat in my previous post. This is for a friend/soror, and she wants it in gray. To achieve the slouch she is asking for I'm gonna use a thinner yarn. I'm sure it would really slouch if I knit the hat, but I barely made a hat and a laptop case in knit... How in the world can I knit in the round? I am sticking to what I know... CROCHET!

The second is a blanket and "Grover" hat for a little boy that no one really knows yet! My friend and former co-worker is pregnant with her first child! She wants the colors I used in a set I made a couple of years ago, so I'm gonna get on it...

Stay tuned!


The Latest...

Ok, I felt the need to blog today... So let's get to it.

1. I'm currently working on a project that I will announce in another week or so. This will be on a completely separate blog, maybe even on a different blog provider... Not sure yet. But stay tuned.

2. I am 6 months in on my job search, and I'm thinking that I just wasn't looking hard enough. But after speaking to several of my classmates, I realize this job market just really sucks... I'm still searching, though, and I have a phone interview on the 26th... YAY!

3. I am 6 weeks into a Couch-to-5K program. Its kicking my butt, but I am sticking with it. My sweetie and I registered for a 5K on April 30th! Wish us luck! I can honestly say that being healthy is a lot easier when you have someone working with you. I truly appreciate my sweetie pie!

4. I recently went on a Vipassana Retreat. 10 days of silence, in a remote area with full accommodation. I suggest everyone try it. If you don't leave changed... Well, I don't see how anyone could leave unchanged. Try it! Visit dhamma.org. Another reason to appreciate my sweetie, she cared for my teenager the entire time I was gone! Love Love Love!

5. I want to ride my bike more, and maybe even do a triathlon! Ok, maybe not TOO soon on the tri, but I'm  definitely more into bicycling, especially for commuting, and am learning more about road safety and raising awareness... If you know of good sites, let me know! An awesome magazine I've been enjoying is Bicycle Time Magazine. It is an excellent magazine for the cycling spectrum, from the person on the cruiser, to the serious bike commuter. As our gas goes up, and we are considering alternative energy, how about our own energy? Hop on a bike! I hope that when I find a job I can commute using my bike and MARTA. I don't own a car, and don't really want to be bullied into owning one...

6. What you've really been waiting for... PICTURES! Here are some things I've made since December!
 This is a scarf I made for a friend who just finished her PhD! Its the same as the one in December for my sweetie, but I used Vanna White's Yarn, from Michael's. 

It came out much thicker, but did not lose the detail. 

This is Gisele... I bought her on Amazon, but she wasn't looking much like anything, even after I gave her eyes, lol. So, I gave her a makeover!
This is Gisele after her makeover. It's amazing what a little acrylic paint can do for a girl, LOL!
She has major attitude now!

This is Gisele rocking the scarf I made for my PhD recipient pal! I even made a little crocheted chrysanthemum to go with! (on the right) 
This is another hat I was in the process of making. I have since finished, but I can't find the pics! (Ack!)

Ok, so after that short pic update-fest, I'm gonna go look for other pics. I made a ton of other things, and I need to show you! Stay tuned or you can take a look at my tumblr page for all the other stuff... 

Thanks for reading,